All you want to know about Airbnb Listing Management Service

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions along with their answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What are the benefits of using a host management service?

We estimate that for a beginner, one short-let property can create up to 40 hours per month of work. Our professional co-hosting service at Jet Set will do all that work, for a cut of the booking revenue. This makes good sense for many hosts, as our fees will be less than what they would earn on their own and they won’t have to do any of the work.

Why choose Jet Set Holiday Homes rather than other short let service providers?

We are uniquely positioned to match short-term tenants with long-term properties. We have the experience, infrastructure and in-house teams to offer you a reliable service and the most efficient transition from short let to long-term renting.

What service do you offer?

If it’s one of the most-demanding platforms, we list on it. We offer a comprehensive hospitality management package which includes: – Listings on 20+ platforms including Airbnb and – Pricing optimisation – Booking management – Guest vetting – Remote check-in – 24/7 guest support – Cleaning and laundry services

Who can use your management service?

Whether it’s your primary residence, secondary home, buy-to-let investment, or if your property is vacant throughout the year, our Airbnb property management can assist with the management of your property. Also, it must of course be fully furnished, and adhere to local regulations.

We can maximize your rental income while you sit back and enjoy the benefits of your property.

Why would I short let my property?

Short-let guests pay a much higher price per night, so even accounting for management service fees, most landlords can earn significantly more through short-letting. You can contact us and see how much you can earn.

Can I set my own property rules?

Of course, why not? It is your property. Just let us know, and we will apply them on top of our standard house rules.

Where do you currently operate?

We operate in multiple locations across Dubai. Enter your property details into the form on our website and get a forecast if we operate in your area!

Becoming a Host

Is short time rental safe for my property?

Forget the noisy neighbour and stop worrying about your home. Airbnb listings are safer than longer rentals. Indeed, we keep an eye on your home between bookings, which is hardly possible for long-term stays. On top of that Airbnb guests commit to your house rules that we will define together. And if damage occurs, there is a security deposit that covers the expenses.

How soon can I start?

You can start using our management service right away. We’ll need about a week to prepare your listing, but we can make that time up as soon as you sign up.

How do I get started?

To begin the process of short-term letting, we need a few bits of information from you. One of our specialists will be glad to walk you through the process, make sure you’re aware of your rights and responsibilities as a host, and provide you with an estimate for how much your property can make as a short-term rental. If needed, our specialist will even schedule a visit to your home.

What do I need to do before joining your service?

Our team will visit your property and make recommendations to ensure your property is in top condition, both inside and out. We can recommend cleaning products and arrange for the house to be cared for by our recommended team of professionals. Our staging team will help make the house a bit more welcoming, and we can even arrange everything for you.

What happens after I have signed up with you service?

After you sign up, we assign you an account manager and get straight to work. We’ll photograph your property, schedule a professional clean, and install a key safe. We’ll get to know your property so that we can quickly identify ways to make it more welcoming. Our ‘onboarding’ process takes 4 days on average, but if you need help sooner, we can cut that time down to just one day!

Do I need to have an Airbnb account already?

If you already have an existing Airbnb account, we can use this one. If you are totally new to Airbnb, we’ll set up and manage your account for you.

Will I have access to my property?

You will be able to block out dates for your property via the Owner’s Portal. Your property will be unavailable for guests to book during those dates.

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